Covid Response

Posted by: MANAGER on Mon March 16 at 10:49PM

March 16th, 2020

Dear Customers,

In response to the COVID virus as well as Territorial and Federal policies, we wanted to inform you what we are doing to keep our workplace and customers safe at our facility:

•We are maintaining our strict cleaning procedures of the hot springs pool, changerooms, and lobby/front desk area. We disinfect all cleaning surfaces daily. We clean the change room surfaces with bleach. All our sandals are disinfected with bleach. Our staff clean the change rooms every 2 hours that we are open to the public.

•We drain our pool nightly and we disinfect the entire basin with bleach, then we wash it off. We scrub the pool basin and we remove all mineral deposits. We refill the pool nightly after we have cleaned it.

•We chlorinate our water with levels compliant to the standards of the Department of Environmental Health at the Yukon Government. Our chlorine levels are tested every 4 hours that we are open to the public and we add as much chlorine as is required of us to keep the water completely disinfected. We send our water tests every 2 weeks to the Department of Environmental Health as well as another testing company in Richmond, BC. Our water has never failed a test.

•We will only be allowing 5 people entry into each changeroom at a time.

•We ask that all customer groups maintain social distancing while in the water, please give each group a distance of at least 1.5 metres.

•We will only allow 10 customers at a time in the lobby area and we will ask everyone else to wait outside until our lobby is cleared.

•We will not allow more than 50 people in the pool at one time.

•We will be providing hand santizer for all customers at our front desk.

•Should anyone display symptoms of illness, we will ask them to leave the building and we will not permit them entry into the pool or changerooms.

We ask for everyone’s cooperation in this matter so that everyone can use and relax in the hot springs safely.

Thank you, Andrew Umbrich President and Owner

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